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Kayak Fishing: Small Town Smallmouth

Float down a small Tennessee river and watch as kayak anglers catch smallmouth and walleye on the fly rod and conventional gear.

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How to fish out a river monster

Catfish fishing is a fascinating, interesting, and at the same time difficult hobby. Catfish is the largest predator of freshwater rivers and reservoirs. The length of the catfish can reach up to 5 m and have a weight up to 400 kg. Catching such a giant is a very difficult goal. To catch a catfish, …Read more »

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[HD] Czech Fishing: Grass Carp with Common Reed

If you can see how to catch a Grass Carp with Common Reed watch the video! You´ll see cool images feeding Grass Carp and something about fishing licence. I was waiting for these images a few hours. Filmed in Hungary. Thanks for watching!